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Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Certification Course

Want to be a certified OCA and increase your career prospects? Connect with PDC , the right computer institute for your Oracle Certified Associate certification training in Dhaka. We do not compromise in quality.

A brief overview of Oracle certifications

Oracle is growing out tremendously to be one of the leading and the most powerful management systems in the world of Information and Technology. In today’s world of globalization and modernization, everyone seeks to stand out from the rest of the crowd; one of that being skilled and competent in the field of technology. As such, Oracle accounts to being one of the highest paying careers globally; hence, the increasing number of oracle certified professionals is not really a surprise.

With the changing scenario and the gradual development in IT in Bangladesh, Oracle training and its importance in the long run to compete in the global market is eventually getting acknowledged and much sought after. Oracle certifications is significant and getting popular amongst many college graduates and fresher and the likes of such as an added advantage that will prominently help them be distinct and get recognized by reputed hiring companies.

So, if you are in searching for OCA certification institute in Bangladesh, you have landed in the right place. Here at PDC , we provide you trainings on the following credentials:


Basically, this is the first and the foremost step-the entry level for OCP certification. The program focuses mostly on the initial steps of knowhow regarding the basic fundamentals and building basic knowledge on MYSQL, database administration, PL/SQL, web administration, JAVA SE Programming, etc. about getting to know and build the basic fundamental and knowledge.

The rigorous training that we provide here at PDC ensures that the students set up a solid and strong base and gradually climb their way towards advanced database system. The OCA credentials are very much in demand in the present context; therefore, we aim to deliver and produce skilled individuals and make them prepare to step ahead in the world of enterprise. At PDC , we help students grow in various dimensions and prepare them to become database administrators, experts, installers, programmers, developers etc. 

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  • To broaden the knowledge regarding the variants of database management systems.
  • To obtain an OCP.

Who can join Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Certification Course?

OCA certification program is appropriate for anyone who wants to grow as a developer in the world of IT. For this, one has to sit for an examination and score passing marks.


There are no any prerequisites or academic qualifications as such for joining the OCA certification program. Anyone willing to join the global world of technology and help build themselves the prospect of a better career in database system can go for this certification program. However, it will be a plus point if one has the basic knowledge of the technicalities with regard to PC, OS, concepts of relational database, structural logic, etc.

Special Offer

  • One week Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Certification Course training free