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Project Management Professional Certification Course(PMP)

Do you want to build your career as experts in project management and planning sector? Visit PDC , one of the best institutes for PMP training course in Bangladesh that has been acknowledged for its excellence in IT solutions.

Brief Overview on PMP and PMP course at IT Training Bangladesh

A project is a temporary venture often characterized by continuous expansion that involves research methods to produce a unique output within a given timeframe and certain budget and limitations. Initially, projects emerged with an aim to meet specific goals and objectives, usually to bring out something beneficial. Generally, projects can be defined as social or work systems performed by a team of individuals who work in achieving goals under strict period of time.

Project management involves initiating, executing, controlling and closing the work of a team to achieve particular goals. In many cases, project management work can be real tough as certain goals are meant to be met within the limited time constraints and allocated resources. Hence, the importance of project management course is on the rise in the present circumstance.

There are numerous projects on the rise today and each of them requires definite planning, organizing, formulating and implementation so as to have a better outcome. For this, Project Management Professional Course has been a significant landmark in project management. Project Management Professional is an internationally acclaimed and recognized certification. Project Management Training trains an individual to become experienced and competent to lead and direct various projects, foreseeing any problems that may arise. The course helps an individual in developing and executing plans and programs in an effective manner.

PDC has been successfully organizing PMP classes with an effort to improvise the traditional working methods and prospects in the field of project management. Project management is a tremendous job which can be tiring and tedious time and again; hence, relevant knowledge and techniques is needed in successfully accomplishing the aims and objectives. We assure you to deliver necessary skills and techniques required through standard sets of principles of project management.


  • To build a strong foundation with regard to the basic concepts of project management
  • To comprehend the project framework and determining the risks associated with a project
  • Be competent and skilled with the structural approach that is involved in project management
  • Planning, formulating, budgeting, implementing, executing and delivering a better outcome of the defined tasks within a given period of time
  • Allocation of the resources along with effective scheduling and time management and keeping obstacles at bay.

Who can join Project Management Professional Certification Course(PMP)?

Anyone with above mentioned prerequisites and staff and managers working in project management and planning. College graduates or aspirants seeking to work as researchers in field works can also join this course. Employees who wish to gain appropriate technical knowledge on project management, managerial staff, individuals starting a business, can join for the PMP training course.


Candidates interested to pursue career in project management who have completed high school diploma or having a bachelor’s degree. One has to sit for examination to be a certified PMP.

For high school diploma, a total of 7500 hours credit of project management experience and 35 contact hours of project management education. 5 years or 60 months of unique or non-overlapping professional project management experience

For candidates with bachelor’s degree, a total of 4500 hours credit of project management experience and 35 contact hours of project management education. 3 years or 36 months of unique or non-overlapping professional project management experience

Special Offer

  • One week Project Management Professional Certification Course(PMP) course training free