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Corporate Training in IT Dhaka Bangladesh

IT Training Bangladesh proudly proclaims its glorious service in corporate training. We have maintained a superior record of accomplishing successful training programs at corporate organizations. The training programs conducted by us is proven to be effective in terms of cost-saving, increased productivity, time-efficiency and higher standardization. It benefits both the individual employees and organization as a whole. 

While information technology has taken an enormous leap over the years, some organization fail to utilize this development due to the threat of undergoing cost-overhead, waste of time and fear to adapt to new system.  However, avoiding the technological change limits the growth of the organization.

In today’s context, continuous process towards improvement in the world of technology is crucial in order to gain a sustainable growth towards its mission. Furthermore, selecting the right computer or IT Training provider is a challenging task because you are making an investment of your time and money.


Accurate analysis of the system through IT experts about the risk factors and the gain factors is compulsory before actually implementing the change. IT Training Bangladesh provides assessment about the extent of technology implementation that can actually benefit your company and in which parts of the system.

IT Training Bangladesh follows a standard set of procedures to provide the required Corporate Training to organizations.  

Method of Corporate Training at IT Training Bangladesh

1.       Need Determination: As mentioned above, an expert from IT Training Bangladesh does proper analysis of the system in your organization and clearly defines in the report indicating the areas that need to be updated through IT.

2.       Formalization of the training package: A training package is customized according to the needs identified in the report.  The client organization and IT Training Bangladesh both come to a mutual decision about the design of the training package. A Terms Of Reference (TOR) is developed after mutual agreement between both parties after which a lesson plan is designed.

3.       Conduct Training: The actual training is executed according to the lesson-plan along with standard teaching methods and quality.  The session-operation involves a vigorous and result-oriented participation of the team towards building an effective system. Training involves various kinds of case-studies and workshops under which trainees learn in an interactive manner.

4.       Evaluation and Reporting: Finally, feedback is taken from attendants about the effectiveness of the training program. Likewise, instructors also give their valuable opinions about the feasible future enhancements in the system of the organization.

A complete report is generated after that which will be submitted to the organization. 

Corporate Service Description

Experts from IT Training Bangladesh will provide trainings with enough motivation and guaranteed results in the specified time.  IT Training Bangladesh delivers Corporate IT Training in two modes:

Onsite Training:  Training is delivered at client’s organization according to the lesson-plan. On-site training is effective in the perspective that the skills can be practiced directly in the organization’s system. It is also beneficial for organizations who want to save the overheads of travelling.

Offsite Training: IT Training Bangladesh possesses spacious and cozy halls to provide Corporate Trainings with adequate infrastructure. Trainings on general software and hardware like MS-Access, Photoshop, Ms-Excel and networking may be delivered offsite.

Other Training Modes

Workshop: Workshop training is beneficial in cases where employees’ participation, comments and suggestions are important for the implementation of the system.

Seminar: Seminar can be organized in cases where a huge mass of employees need to learn about a certain matter in Information Technology.

Corporate Trainings may also be given in a different location chosen by the organization.



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