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html5/css3 training

html5 stands for extensibe Hypertext Markup Language and CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. The knowledge of HTML5/CSS helps an individual to create webpage/ websites. We are currently teaching xhtml/css and advanced xhtml/css under Web design Training for students who wants to work as a web designer.

During the HTML5/CSS training students will learn the process of building structures for webpages and then styling those webpages into polished and professional products. This HTML5/CSS training course is developed to provide fundamental concepts related web development using html and CSS. Students will be provided with real time practical examples and asked to develop appropriate html of design and then writing CSS. Students will also get great opportunity to master the versatile scripting language, the CSS. This knowledge of CSS along with best practices in HTML5 and CSS will help them during their professional career to become top designer.

Students who are enrolled for a web designing course will also learn HTML5 and CSS3 along with xhtml/css training. In CSS3 we teach responsive design.

After completion of advanced html5/css training students will be assigned 1 - 2 projects to work on. Students will be asked to write cross browser compatible and valid HTML5/CSS for the mockups designed in Photoshop.


  • To develop HTML5 skills needed to create layout pages, develop and structure contents, create link, multimedia placement, building table and forms.
  • To develop proficient CSS skills needed to create visually appealing pages using wide varieties of styles, formatting.  

Who can join xhtml/css training?

This XTML/CSS training course is especially designed for those willing to enter into web designing and CSS development sector. This course is an ideal course for those seeking to develop fundamental understanding of HTML5, HTML and CSS and move gradually into developing professional web pages.

There are no specific prerequisites for enrolling into this HTML5/CSS training course. However, students are expected to have familiarity of operating computers and World Wide Web.  We recommend students intending to join this XTML/CSS training should be comfortable using mouse, keyboard and using Photoshop.


Module 1: HTML5 Training

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Difference between xhtml and html
  • Learning xhtml elements
  • Html, body, head, title, meta tags
  • Text formatting tags like h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6, p,strong,ins,del,pre,em, blockquote,ul,ol,dl,abbr,hr,br,sup, sub
  • Nesting of ul
  • Image tag
  • Hyperlinks, external links, intralinks, email link
  • Image map

Module 2: CSS Training

CSS training can help you to work as a CSS Developer. You can generate xhtml and css valid websites from photoshop templates. This training provides indepth knowledge of CSS. You will learn the following things under CSS Training.

  • Introduction to inline, internal and external css
  • Grouping styles
  • Using selectors in CSS
  • CSS Positioning
  • Box properties in CSS
  • Designing tableless websites using xhtml and css
  • Generating xhtml/css from photoshop mockups

Project work

After completion of basic xhtml/css training students will be assigned a project to work on. Students will be asked to code xhtml/css for a website using Photoshop mockup (design).

Module 3: Advanced xhtml/css Training

  • Cross browser compatibility issues
  • Optimizing CSS code
  • Verifying page speed using page speed and Yslow
  • Using tools like firebug
  • CSS Page Layout
  • Working on website with background images
  • Validating html and css
  • Following SEO guidelines while writing xhtml/css

To develop professional as well as visually appealing webpages knowledge of HTML5/CSS is quite essential. Now-a-days, the web design and development practices are concentrating in quality. With this HTML5/CSS training, students will be able to develop such skills.

After the successful completion of this HTML5/CSS training, trainees will be competent enough to work as:
Web Designer
CSS Developer

There are various software and web development companies in and around Dhaka that specifically state web developers having knowledge of html and CSS. Plus, there is a good scope of finding work as freelancer in freelancing market.

Special Offer

  • One week HTML5/CSS3 course training free