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Non Programming Courses

non programming courses at IT Training Bangladesh

In IT there are mainly two streams of discipline in work; programming and non-programming. With programming, one can work as programmer learning various programming languages and programming logics and needs foundational knowledge in programming. And, non-programming involves areas of study which do not necessarily need knowledge of programming logics and concepts. Fields like Graphics and Web Designing, multimedia and animation, web based CMS platforms like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress, and fields of study in hardware network technology either do not need prior knowledge about programming or need very basic knowledge of programming. Quality Assurance, Ecommerce, SEO also need only basic knowledge about programming fundamentals. Thus, enabling students from non IT background to pursue their careers in IT sector.  There are other foundational courses in IT like computer basics, computer fundamentals and programming which will help beginners in IT to build strong foundational knowledge of computer and IT.

IT Training Bangladesh has been delivering quality training programs on non-programming courses with the aim of producing qualified professionals able to grasp endless market opportunities in the current world of rapidly growing and dominant IT industry. So, students and professionals currently pursuing career and intending to move in IT sector will have better, more attractive and secure careers.

Which course should I join, why and where?

These three questions are most important things to consider while joining a training course. The first part is to find answer about which and why are choosing a particular training course. These questions will help you to decide the scope, your aspirations, your interest and aptitude towards a particular subject. Then, next is where to join for training. There are numerous training institutes around you and you may sometimes get lost on the volumes of training institutes. But, the most important thing is the quality of the training and learning environment you receive.  You should carefully explore the syllabus, approach and methodology of teaching adopted by a particular training institute.

How we provide Non programming courses training?

It is evident that the education system being adopted in Bangladesh is lacking in the practical implementation of knowledge. Most of the students investing their precious time and effort in higher education are still unable to either successfully grasp the job opportunities or create work in the market. And, you may ask how we, IT Training Bangladesh, are claiming to provide solutions in this scenario. After all, we only provide training programs for average of two months or so and colleges provide education for average of four years.  
We, IT Training Bangladesh, have developed training methodology and approach as a result of our experience in the academic sector.

At IT Training Bangladesh, we strive to guide students to achieve their aspiration and dreams. We have developed syllabus of courses to stimulate the student’s interest and enhance creative and logical thinking. We strongly believe that strong foundation paves way for strong output, thus we attempt to instill strong foundational knowledge along with necessary practical skills and knowledge.

Our counseling team consisting of experts in relevant fields will provide you guidance and information about selecting which non-programming course to choose, why you should choose a particular non programming course and scope of your choice.

If you are a  Non-IT student seeking to develop yourIT skills and aspiring to make a career in IT, our educational counsellor can help you choose the right one from the following list of Non Programming Courses.


Graphics Designing Courses

Discover your creativity and skills by exploring in the area of Graphic Designing.


Computer Basics Training

The course is undertaken by absolute beginner in computer to get basis computer skills.






ECommerce Training

If you are looking to create a shopping websites or store to display your product online, then ecommerce training is right one for you. Learn various techniques on creating on online store with or without the programming knowledge.


SEO Training

Learn Search Engine Optimization techniques to outrank you competitors in Google and other search engines. Get your knowledge updated with the best practices and latest SEO techniques that major search engines follow.


Photoshop Training

Master your Photoshop skills in photo manipulation, retouching, text effects, and other Photoshop techniques. High quality Photoshop Training from experts and creative web designers.

web designing training course it training Bangladesh

Web Designing Training

Design attractive and responsive websites using the latest trends and technologies. Get professional insights on using colors and typography by design experts. Professional web designers and UI experts will guide throughout your web designing training. 


Joomla Training

Master Joomla and develop websites in few hours after Joomla Training. Develop business, organization, ecommerce and any other types of websites in Joomla without programming knowledge. 


Drupal Training

Start building flexible Drupal websites without programming knowledge. Get the training from professionals working in Drupal Platform.

magento training course it training Bangladesh

Magento Training

No programming concepts but want to develop ecommerce website, then Magento is the best choice. Get Magento Administration training and start developing an ecommerce website to create your own store to sell products.


WordPress Training

If you are a writer or author wanting to display your articles online, you can do so by creating a blog. WordPress lets you create blog in few hours without any programming concepts. Learn WordPress website development and start blogging.


Microsoft Office Training

Learn microsoft excel, ms word and powerpoint in Ms Office training class.


xhtml/css training

Master XHTML and CSS course for web development. Web designers can convert PSD file to static website after the training course. 


Web Development Courses

If you want to create websites on your own, or if you want to manage a website as a website administrator, then web development course is the right one. Web Development course will help you master in all the components of web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP and MySQL. 

IT Training Bangladesh


Advanced Excel Training in Bangladesh

Master Advanced Excel 2013 features for report generation and data analysis.

cms training course in Bangladesh

Content Management System Training

If you are an IT student you can develop content management system by learning PHP and MySQL course. If you have no previous academic background in IT then you can learn open source web CMS like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress to develop websites. Join CMS training with the objective to develop websites having a CMS to manage its content.

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IT Training Bangladesh

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