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Computer Basics Training

Realizing the importance of computer education in enhancing computer skills and its benefits on efficiency and productivity on individual performance, We, IT Training Bangladesh, have developed this Computer Basics training course which will help individuals to perform their jobs efficiently and accurately using computer.

This course is especially suited for individuals that need to work with computers in their professional and personal works. Whether you are a CEO or a research student you have to use computer for your work.  With this course you will be able to develop proficiency in using computer and understand its operation.

Why choose us for Computer Basics course?

If you have been looking for professional computer training center in Kathmandu, then we suggest you to visit IT Training Bangladesh.

IT Training Bangladesh founded and managed by professionals in IT strives to provide quality services in computer related fields. With its prime location, highly sophisticated facilities and teaching methodology, it has become one of the top training institutes for computer related courses.

We genuinely assert that our expertise in professional field, our years of experience in teaching will provide you professional and fun learning environment.

How Computer Basics course is designed?

This course is designed with the objectives of developing in student’s a solid foundational knowledge on Computer technology and its operation. And, then developing skills and knowledge to build on to the foundation, to further the understanding of computers and perform more sophisticated operations.

This Computer Basics Course will provide insights on following:

  • Windows
  • Microsoft Office package
  • Email
  • Internet  

At the completion of this Computer Basics Training you will be able to talk to your friends thousands of miles away or you can access books of foreign university or view live concert from another continent. Or you can create or report or presentation and many other sophisticated works like developing system software and applications. Computer technology has been warmly embraced in every facets of life be it education, entertainment, management, medicine, sports or research and development. So, your investment for this Computer Basics Training is sure to reap benefits in every walk of life you choose.

How Computer Basics Training classes are conducted?

The classes for this Computer basics training course uses practical instruction approach. During the normal one hour class, instructor will demonstrate his instructions using multimedia projectors and students will be immediately assigned to apply their learning using computer. Besides this training method, students will be provided with assignment and tasks after instructor have delivered their class. During this practice session, students will be monitored and guided by their respective instructor.

After the completion of this course, students will understand the fundamental concepts of hardware and software and develop adeptness in variety of computer operations to be done on windows, MS word, databases, multimedia and internet as well as performing basic troubleshooting and configuration.


  •    Understand basic principles of windows and its operation.
  •    Develop adeptness of basic typing and mouse rule
  •    Be able to use internet services as well as configure networks connections.
  •    Be able to work with various MS office packages to create modify reports, data etc.
  •    Be able to create table, chart, graphs, as well as editing and inserting texts, multimedia in a file.
  •    Be able to print a file or document using customized settings.
  •    Be able to install and uninstall various software packages using recommended as well as customized settings.

Who can join Computer Basics Training?

There are no pre-requisites for this training and no prior knowledge about computer is necessary. As this course is targeted for people who want to develop and further their understanding and adeptness in basic computer operation, we will start this course from scratch.


Module 1: Windows

  • Manage proper folder structure to store files in order
  • Searching files
  • Setting user privilege based on the user type
  • Installing and Uninstalling applications
  • Configuring devices and installing device drivers
  • Virus and security threats, using antivirus to avoid virus threats
  • Manage backups of files to avoid from loss of data
  • Setting printing preferences before printing

Module 2: Microsoft Word 2007

  • Creating styles and formatting documents
  • Creating Table of Contents, List of tables, list of figures
  • Creating bibliography automatically
  • Creating multiple header and footer in the document
  • Track changes in the document documents
  • Using smart art
  • Creating flowcharts using basic shapes
  • Mail Merge
  • Creating tables and sorting data
  • Inserting clipart, pictures, graphs

Module 3: Microsoft Excel 2007

  • Using basic excel formulas to perform simple calculations
  • Formatting cells to input types of values
  • Using filters
  • Sorting the records
  • Inserting graphs
  • Using page break preview to create boundary for pages in excel
  • Printing pages in excel sheet
  • Creating charts

Module 4: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

  • Creating effective Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Using background themes or templates, font style, color schemes for presentation
  • Apply slide transition effect
  • Create custom animation
  • Create time based presentation using rehearsals
  • Printing presentation in handout formats

Module 5: Creating PDF

  • Convert word, excel or PowerPoint files to PDF
  • Combine multiple PDFs
  • Using OCR to extract text from images or scanned copies.

Module 6: Compressing documents

  • Compressing documents using winzip or winrar to reduce size of the documents
  • Uncompress documents

Module 7: Burning CDs and DVDs

  • Writing files to CD or DVD using software like NERO

Module 8: Email/ Internet Concepts

  • Introduction to browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari
  • Knowledge of bookmarking, history, tabs
  • Difference between http and https
  • Sending email with attachments
  • Introduction to POP, SMTP protocols, incoming mail server and outgoing mail server
  • Configuring POP emails to outlook express
  • Follow up emails in Outlook
  • Schedule, coordinate and invite for meetings using outlook express
  • Create a to do list using outlook express
  • Using search engines to find the relevant content
  • Using different searching patterns

Module 9: Photo editing

  • Reducing photo sizes
  • Resizing photo

Though this training course will not yield any particular career prospects on its own, however, as almost all types of jobs in this modern world essentially need computer skills. Whether you are an CEO of financial institution or project manager of engineering project or an administrative staffs, your performance and productivity is expressed by the your computer skills and literacy.

Special Offer

  • One week Computer basics training course fee