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Admission in University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS).

University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) is a public university which is ranked as 10th in Malaysia. The recent world rank for the year 2018-2019 is 1000.

Faculty of Resource Science and Technology (FRST) was established in July 1993, as one of the two pioneering faculties of UNIMAS. The faculty offers Bachelor of Science, Masters and Ph.D programmes specializing in natural resource science and management and resource technology. These programmes are designed to meet the need for graduates who have the appropriate knowledge and skills to become research scientists, managers, policy makers and entrepreneurs.

The bachelor degree programs are:

  • Aquatic Resource Science and Management- 6 semesters
  • Animal Resource Science and Management- 6 semesters
  • Plant Resource Science and Management- 6 semesters
  • Resource Chemistry- 6 semesters
  • Resource Biotechnology- 6 semesters

The Tuition fee of every semester MYR 4,000; so total course MYR 24,000 for three years

The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology has eight semester or 4 years, but the tuition fee per semester same i.e. MYR 4,000. Under this faculty, four programs are offered which are Multimedia Computing, Software Engineering, Network Computing, Information System.

However, the Faculty of Engineering offers Civil Engineering, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering which have 8 semesters like the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, but the tuition fee per semester is MYR 5000.

Academic Expenditure in Malaysian Ringgit (1 Ringgit= BDT 20.5),but pay by Malaysian Ringgit

Payable Items
FSTS & Com
Semester 1
Semester 1
FSTS & Com

Other Semester


Other Semester

Tuition fee 4000 5000 4000 5000
Personal bond and visa cost 2000 2000 0 0
Registration Fee 60 60 0 0
Orientation Fee 810 810 0 0
Student Card 30 30 0 0
Alumni 100 100 0 0
Student Welfare Fund 15 15 15 15
Medical Fees 400 400 400 400
Laboratory/ Equipment Fees 150 150 150 150
Co-curricular Activities 75 75 75 75
In Campus Shuttle Bus 90 90 90 90
Takaful Insurance 18 18 9 9
Student's Insurance 500 500 250 250
Service Charge 3500 3500 0 0
11748 12748 4989 5989

Air-ticket depends on the student’s choice. But Bangladesh agent can help to the student if they want.

Other expenditure in MYR per month

Sl No. Items Expenditure in MYR
1 Accommodation 200-300
2 Food 300-400
3 Mobile 100
4 Others 20

Other expenditure depends on the student.

For accommodation, if they want to get our Malaysian agent help, we can provide. The service charge for Malaysian agent would be MYR 300.


Completed a minimum of A-Level qualification/Higher School Certificate (HSC) or its equivalents.


Obtained a high school/college diploma or its equivalent may also apply (refer attachment).


Required to satisfy the university’s English language requirements as listed below:

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing Scheme) score of 5.5 or
  • TOEFL (test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 500 or
  • CBT (computer-based TOEFL) score of 173 or
  • IBT (internet-based TOEFL) minimum score of 60 or
  • English Language requirement may be satisfied for applicants who have successfully completed full time secondary or tertiary studies or equivalent qualification where the language of instruction and assessment was in English. Academic transcript and an official letter from the institution certifying that English was the medium of instruction and assessment must be provided.

Only real students are requested to communicate with us. If your CV is qualified, we will make registration for you. We will ask you to pay 50% of the 1st semester money and the remaining must pay after confirmation of Visa. We will return your 50% money if visa is unsuccessful.

Please submit your CV first to:

                Noor Wahida Binti Abdul Rahman, 
            	W and M Enterprise, Malaysia
                Email: noorwahida_86@yahoo.com.my
                Mobile: +601128049988  

UNIMAS Representative:

                Dr Mohammad Bodrul Munir
                Faculty Member, FRST, UNIMAS
                Email: mmbodrul@unimas.my

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