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Programming Courses

programming courses at IT Training Bangladesh

Software development Industry is growing in Bangladesh as well as globally. And, recently there has been huge influx of works in software development in Bangladesh. For the software development, the knowledge of programming is required. These days, universities and colleges have included various programming course in their curriculum and academics. However, most of the time students cannot get proper and adequate practical knowledge during their college life. Bangla education system focuses on theoretical aspects of knowledge, so most of graduates lack the practical knowledge required in real time software development.  

We, IT Training Bangladesh, have been offering short term training courses in various programming languages which are essential during the software development to students and graduates with the aim of producing qualified professionals able to meet the demands of this rapidly evolving and growing IT industry. In addition, we also have been providing training programs on advance modules of programming to working professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge in particular field or intending to switch careers.

You may have different reasons for wanting to join programming language training courses, maybe you want to build foundational knowledge on programming language or you want to learn programming language to get jobs in the market or you are working professional aspiring to attain leadership positions in your organization. But, there are few things you need to know about joining programming courses, they are:

  • Training on Programming courses is required for developing software applications and systems.
  • Training on Programming courses is also helpful for developing project management skills. It has been evident that individuals having knowledge of programming and software development are comfortable with project management jobs, since they are familiar with the estimation, complexity and resource management during software development.
  • Programming course training programs are helpful to students to perform better academically in subjects like project management, system analysis and design courses.
  • These training courses enable students to develop and enhance theoretical knowledge gained during academic career and implement that knowledge in practical real time scenarios.

Which Programming Courses to learn?

There are hundreds of programming languages around and you can probably get lost in the chunks of large number of programming languages. You should choose the programming languages according to your interest, job scopes and your career aspirations.
Programming courses are mainly divided into three streams:

Web based Programming courses:

 In web based programming courses, the courses that are popular in job market are as follow:

  • PHP
  • ASP.net
  • JSP


  • Commercially PHP platform has large number of jobs, so PHP and MySQL based application development is very popular among professionals and students alike. If you are seeking enter into job market in Bangladesh by quickly learning programming then PHP would be a good choice for you. PHP courses are relatively easier and due to booming of outsourcing jobs which are mainly PHP related you can easily find work in freelancing as well.       There are other advantages of learning PHP as well; PHP platform has various open source CMS, and worldwide these CMS are extensively used professionally, thus by increasing the dimension of PHP and widening job opportunities for experienced as well as newcomers in PHP languages.


  • ASP. Net is developed and used in Microsoft technologies so it is preferred in terms of security and reliability. It also provides high performance, user friendly interface and flexible solution as well as cost effective, so has become popular among developers and businesses alike.


  • JSP is java platform web based programming language. To learn JSP you should have base of Java programming. JSP is becoming one of the most used programming in web development in modern development practices.

Desktop based programming courses:

  • Java
  • C Sharp NET

Mobile programming:

  • Android
  • Objective C


How we provide short term programming courses training?

In the context of present scenario of education, the time and effort of students and academicians during the college years is still unable to produce expected results in terms of professional qualification and practical knowledge needed in order to perform in professional life. And, the question arises; how the 2 months training on programming courses from our institutes will enable students to successfully pursue their professional endeavors? This question becomes prime concern for students intending to join training courses with us and rightly so. The answer lies in the approach, methodology and curriculum being used. We in no way are intending to disrespect the academic system in Bangladesh; however, truth is it is seriously flawed. We, IT Training Bangladesh, have learned from our experience with this education system and have started this training center to contribute in making better nation.

At IT Training Bangladesh, we access the logic level of students and then incorporate the components to nurture the interest of students towards programming. We study and research ways to incorporate lessons with interesting and enjoyable components to attract the interest of students and gradually move to higher levels of programming logics. We focus on building strong foundation of programming logics on students having weak logical programming skills and then gradually move to higher levels. And when students develop strong foundation, their interests in programming will definitely increase. Until, students have developed adequate programming skills and logic, we pace our course according to the pace the students. We believe, this is important while teaching especially programming.  Our team of expert instructor’s uses scope visualization to develop syllabus so our training courses are oriented according which will help to students to gear up for jobs.

We can provide you counseling and guidance, if you are confused about which programming to choose, which will help you in career, which course should best utilize your potential and aptitude and whether you are from non IT background wanting to penetrate in IT field which one is the right foundation course for you. We have developed systematic methodology to best access your interests, potential and career orientation.

IT Training Bangladesh

Web Engineering for non it students

This Web Engineering course is suitable for non IT students willing to secure their career into this rapidly growing IT industry. Learn about various tools technologies and platforms with us and secure your career as a IT professional.


Android Training in Bangladesh

If you are interested in mobile based application development, then Android Training is for you. It is advance level programming course and requires knowledge of Java and object oriented programming.


Advanced PHP Training

Advanced PHP Training Course gives you knowledge of standard coding practices, database architecture, design patterns and indepth knowledge of PHP programming.


Ms Access Training

Learn more about database, data manipulation and report generation with our MS Access Training.


MySQL Training in Bangladesh

Join MySQL Training course to develop concepts of relational database, SQL programming and database design. The course will be helpful for programmers to design database architecute for web and desktop application.


JavaScript, Jquery Training

Train yourself in JavaScript and JQuery to add client-side interactivity in websites.


Database management system (DBMS) Training

Join database training to build your career as SQL programmer and database administrator. In the database course, you will get acquainted with variety of database systems like MySQL, Oracle, MsSQL and Ms Access.

c programming training course in Bangladesh

C Programming Training in Bangladesh

We help student to build a stronger programming foundation with C programming course. Fast track crash courses in C programming are availabe for college students.

asp.net course at it training Bangladesh

ASP.NET Training in Bangladesh

Join ASP.NET classes to start building enterprise web applications. ASP.NET courses are taught by professionals working in software development company.

java training course it training Bangladesh

Java Training

Start your development career in Java with the most comprehensive training provided by Java experts from top software companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 100 percent project based training in Java and create software application of your choice.


ECommerce Training

If you are looking to create a shopping websites or store to display your product online, then ecommerce training is right one for you. Learn various techniques on creating on online store with or without the programming knowledge.

cms training course in Bangladesh

Content Management System Training

If you are an IT student you can develop content management system by learning PHP and MySQL course. If you have no previous academic background in IT then you can learn open source web CMS like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress to develop websites. Join CMS training with the objective to develop websites having a CMS to manage its content.


Ajax and XML Training

Learn Ajax technology to speed up the performance of website. We provide customized onsite Ajax Training for groups and individuals.


Code Igniter Training

Codeigniter course is intended for PHP programmers who wants to learn MVC architecture and develop websites rapidly. After completing the course, you should be able to customize and develop websites in codeigniter platform.


Web Development Courses

If you want to create websites on your own, or if you want to manage a website as a website administrator, then web development course is the right one. Web Development course will help you master in all the components of web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP and MySQL. 


xhtml/css training

Master XHTML and CSS course for web development. Web designers can convert PSD file to static website after the training course. 

PHP Training Course in Bangladesh

PHP Training in Bangladesh

High quality PHP training by expert trainers from various software development company in Bangladesh. PHP Programming course training followed by live project works. Internship facilities are also available for college students.

IT Training Bangladesh

IT Training Bangladesh

IT Training Bangladesh

JSP / Servlet Course

Learn web application development using JSP and Servlet technology in Java Platform.

IT Training Bangladesh

IT Training Bangladesh

c++ programming training

C++ is an object oriented programming language which offers great flexibility to the programmers. It is not very easy to use the full potential of C++ programming language as it provides lots of features. Hence, learning C++ provides in-depth knowledge about object oriented programming. If we want to start learning object oriented programming then we normally start with C++.

IT Training Bangladesh

IT Training Bangladesh

IT Training Bangladesh

IT Training Bangladesh

IT Training Bangladesh

IT Training Bangladesh