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Java Training

Looking for the best Java Training in Dhaka?  Our computer training institute is highly dedicated and equipped with resources for providing the best Java Training in Bangladesh . 

Java training course is designed to provide comprehensive training for beginners to become an expert in Java programming. We have been conducting professional Java training classes to enable learners to become a self sustained Java Developer.

"Java Training Package" includes:

Why Java Training at IT Training Bangladesh ?

There are several Java training institutes in Bangladesh providing different forms of Java training like core Java, intermediate Java and advanced Java training. Several Java training centers in Dhaka are focused in providing professional Java certifications. However, our motive is to provide skills that makes students competent Java Developer. 

Java Training at IT Training Bangladesh is focused mainly towards providing professional job oriented training in Java programming. We have a comprehensive training syllabus that cover topics that are part of standard Java programming and is compliant with the industry standard. 

Java training course is conducted by industry experts and certified trainers. Therefore, participants will get valuable insights on latest trends and practice in Java developments. Participants can also acquire specific tips from the experts on walking along a successful career path as a Java Developer.

How is the Java training course designed ?

It is a highly preferred programming language because of its significant features like platform independence, rich standard library that support network programming and applet programming. Java programming standards are popular among software developers as it helps creating application in a component based approach.

Keeping these things in perspective, we are highly committed towards providing a professional Java training. Thus, after rigorous discussions on ideas, concepts, experiences and real time problems among Java professionals, we outlined the Java curriculum that covers two broad areas. They are:

  • Java desktop Programming
  • Web based Java Programming

The syllabus we offer covers all the topics required for a beginner to progress to a level where he/she should independently develop real time software application. However, if a student has his/her own requirements, we can customize the curriculum as well. 

How Java training program runs at IT Training Bangladesh ?

Initially the prescribed syllabus offered in Java Training course is covered. By the end of training, students carry out a project based on requirement of real time scenario.

Normally the classes are conducted for 2 hours daily. In the first hour, instructor demonstrate ideas and explain the concepts. The second half is allocated for practice and class works. Guidance and necessary support are provided during practice hours. 


With the main motive to create individuals who can work on multiple platforms and for multiple purposes, Java Programming training at IT Training Bangladesh identifies the following major objectives to be achieved:

  • To gain concepts of Java programming fundamentals and object oriented programming.
  • To know about standard libraries for swing, applets, networking and gain knowledge about multi-threaded applications.
  • Write programs to connect database and develop database driven application in Java.
  • To create software applications that runs on multiple platforms such as mobile devices and embedded systems.
  • Learn to create software systems that is architecture-neutral, portable, robust and secure.
  • Learn to create applications that run on world wide web as well as stand-alone desktops.

Who can join Java Training?

Individuals who fall in the following category can enroll for the Java training course:

  • Job Aspirants seeking to join software development company as a Java Developer.
  • Individual seeking to travel abroad countries like USA, Canada and Australia by learning programming concepts in Java so that they can seek job opportunities in future.
  • Java Training is beneficial to students who have completed their +2 level and wants to join computing degrees like computer engineering, BIT, BIM, BSCsit and BCA. Learning Java Programming would sharpen their programming concepts and make their life easier during their undergraduate studies.
  • Undergraduates, graduates and post graduates can attend Java classes to enhance their programming skills.
  • Student who wants to create a software application in Java as a part of their college project works.
  • Software developers who wants to shift their current programming platform to Java platform.


The fundamental concept of “programming language” and “object-oriented-programming” is a “must” for learning Java programming language since Java is an object-oriented-programming language. Candidates lacking this knowledge should first thoroughly learn C and C++ programming language by enrolling in the “C programming class”. Only then, a student becomes eligible for being enrolled for Java training class.     

However, a student with the “programming knowledge” and “object-oriented-concepts” can directly enroll for the Java training course.


Module 1: Fundamentals Concepts

  • Installing JDK and setting development environment for Java
  • Printing Hello World
  • Syntax and keywords
  • Compiling and Running Programs
  • Putting Comments
  • Variables Initialization and Declaration
  • Datatypes like char, string, boolean, etc
  • Using mathematical, comparison and logical operators.
  • Applying condition with if, if-else and switch statements.
  • Controlling flow with while and for loops.
  • Nesting conditions and loops.
  • Using break, continue and return statements
  • Writing functions, user defined funtions and built-in functions.
  • Concept of one-dimensional and Multi-Dimensional Arrays
  • Vector and Arraylist

Module 2: Object Oriented Programming in Java

  • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  • Classes and objects
  • Public, Private and Protected methods and properties
  • THIS keyword
  • Method Overloading and Overriding
  • Constructor functions, constructor overloading
  • Inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism
  • Interfaces, implementing interfaces
  • Abstract classes and methods
  • Static keyword,  Use of "super"
  • Defining constants using final
  • Exception handling, try, catch and throw
  • Multiple catch statements
  • User defined exceptions
  • Type casting
  • Input and output Class
  • Defining package, Importing package
  • Collection and generics
  • Multi Threading 

Module 3: Graphical User Interface

  • Swing API Library
  • Components and Containers
  • Creating Swing components like buttons, text fields, drop-down lists etc.
  • JFrame, JDialog and JApplet
  • Adding Swing components to containers
  • Arranging Swing components using layout managers
  • Menu, menu bar
  • Dialogs and message boxes
  • Building GUI using NetBeans and Eclipse

The learning outcome of this phase is that candidate learns to develop graphical user interface with the help of GUI components.

Module 4: Event Handling

  • What are Events?
  • Event Handling
  • ActionEvent and ActionListener

Module 5: CRUD Operation With Databases

  • Creating connection with MySQL database with JDBC ODBC Driver.
  • Submitting a form and inserting data.
  • Displaying, editing and deleting data in database.

On completing this phase, students will successfully handle user interactions with the forms and simple as well as complex operations on the database.

Module 6: Java Project work

After the completion of training, students choose a topic for their project work. For e.g.

  • Libaray Management Software
  • Hotel Management Software
  • Inventory Management System
  • Reservation System
  • Online chat Application

They will be guided by our project managers throughout the project development activities.

Scope of Java Programming

Since Java is used in multiple platforms, Java is certainly on top of the chart among programming languages preferred by developers to built software systems. The number of companies migrating their software application to Java platform is increasing. Moreover, new technologies like Android uses Java to create application that runs on mobile.


As we discussed above that the scope of Java is high, we recommend students to start learning Java earlier and reap the countless opportunities by pursuing the career in one of the following area mentioned below:

Java Developer

The Java developer course provides you a platform to begin Java programming and go on to develop software applications in Java. If you have the knowledge of creating software applications, you should be able to pursue your career as a Java developer.

Framework Developer 

Java course provides a base to learn Java framework like spring, hibernate and struts. However, framework concepts are not provided in core Java training. You have to enrol in Java framework development course to begin exploring advanced Java framework. Java developers having working knowledge and experience in a Java framework tends to earn higher. 

Special Offer

  • One week JAVA programming training free