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JSP / Servlet Course

Looking for industry oriented practical JSP-Servlet course training institute in Dhaka? Look no further! You have landed at the centre that provides best platform for learning JSP training in Bangladesh.

Java is a popular language when it comes to application development. Although Java lets you build web application, it needs an additional technology in order to create dynamic display of contents. In order to achieve that target, JSP was introduced. It is a technology used in Java on server side for displaying dynamic content. The successful completion of this course demonstrates your firm grasp on JSP. Students develop skills in analyzing and developing web applications in Java environment. 

Reasons to pursue JSP Training in Bangladesh at ITN

  • Project oriented training conducted by professional trainer working in reputed software companies in Dhaka. 
  • In-house internship facility for learners after completion of training.
  • Job placement and assistance for students.
  • Due to our experience in providing job oriented courses, joining IT Training Bangladesh for JSP course would be a wise option. You can benefit from our practical approach of teaching students. 
  • Understanding JSP technology needs a clear understanding in Java. Therefore, we also provide you with the basic knowledge needed for the course.
  • We provide you with all the materials needed to excel in JSP technology. All the necessary hardware, software and other resources are provided to the students. In addition to that, we provide you course video developed by JSP trainer.  
  • Students will learn to develop web application from servlet technologies and JSP page not using traditional outdated scriplet. Moreover, we teach to create applications using MVC design pattern.
  • Our well-equipped labs are available to students where they can perform experiments or practice. We have a well experienced instructor who is an accomplished Java expert.
  • Regular assignments and mock tests are taken to avoid confusions.
  • No restrictions on using IDE. We allow students to use both Eclipse and NetBeans IDE.

How is the course designed?

JSP Servlet course is designed in a way that students are able to develop web based applications. They will learn to develop application in MVC pattern. 

The course first covers fundamentals of JSP followed by servlet technology. In addition to that, it covers JSTL, Java Beans, Bootstrap concepts and many more.


  • Make JSP pages fluently.
  • Make applications using web servlets
  • Make organized web based applications in MVC architecture. 

Who can join JSP / Servlet Course?

People who want to make a career in building Java platform are recommended to take this course. Students who have completed their college and want to further expand their knowledge in Java are encouraged to join the course. This course is also recommended to professionals who want to earn Oracle certification in Web development.


The developers should have a proper knowledge of Java Programming language. Similarly, knowledge in the working of HTML, Javascript  are required. However, if you don’t have these knowledge, IT Training Bangladesh can teach these basic courses for you ahead of JSP.


Module 1: Web Programming Basics

  • Understanding Web Programming
  • Server Side Programming
  • Client Side Programming
  • Configuring Server
  • Installing TomCat or Glassfish
  • Configuring Web Application development Tools
  • Understanding the role of JSP

Module 2: Java Server Pages

  • Understanding of Web Architecture
  • Client Server Model and JSP Architecture
  • JSP Tags
  • Declaration and Expression Tag
  • Scriplet
  • JSP Directives
  • Page Directive
  • Include Directive
  • Tag Directive
  • JSP Implicit Object
  • Request, response, pageContext, session, application, page, config
  • Scope, Application Scope, request Scope, etc.
  • Redirect vs Forward
  • Import tag
  • JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL)
  • JSTL Output
  • JSTL Variable declaration
  • Foreach Looping using JSTL
  • If,Choose, Otherwise, when tag in JSTL
  • Custom tags
  • JSTL Expression Language
  • Session in JSP

Module 3: Servlet Technology

  • Understanding the concept of Servlets.
  • Servlet Configuration
  • The Deployment Descriptor: web.xml
  • Deployment Descriptor Elements
  • Servlet Mapping
  • URL Patterns
  • Initializing parameters
  • Welcome file
  • Context Param
  • Error pages configuration
  • Application Filter and Listener, Filter-mapping
  • Servlet Annotation
  • Directory structure
  • Creating Servlet class with annotation
  • Mapping URL with Servlet
  • Multiple URL request Servlet Mapping
  • doPost, doGet, processRequest methods

Module 4: Integrating JSP, Servlet and JDBC

  • Understanding Request Response flow in JSP and Servlet
  • Separating business logics with presentation
  • MVC paradigm
  • Creating Controllers, Models and Views
  • Creating DAO
  • set Attribute, get Attribute, redirect
  • Request Dispatcher Object
  • Handling Request and Response in Servlets
  • Accessing Database with JDBC
  • CRUD Operation (insert, Select, Update, Delete)
  • Using Prepared Statements
  • Creating User Login
  • User Registration Form
  • Creating User Session
  • Destroying User Session
  • Web Application FrontEnd and Backend Development
  • Designing User interface in Views
  • Template Integration in JSP
  • Handling SQL Exceptions

Module 5: Website Template Development

  • HTML Tags and Attribute
  • Paragraph, Heading, Image, Anchor, List, Form, table and Div tag
  • Cascading Style Sheet (inline css, Internal css and external css)
  • Creating template using DIV
  • HTML5/CSS3 Concepts
  • Responsive Template Development using Bootstrap Framework

Module 6: Client Side Technologies

  • JavaScript
  • JQuery

Module 7: Advanced Database Concepts

  • Relational Database
  • DDL and DML
  • SQL
  • Normalization
  • Database Designing

Module 8: Advanced Concepts

  • Using Java Beans component in JSP
  • UseBean, SetProperty, getProperty, param tag
  • POJO (Plain Old Java Object)

Module 9: Project Work

  • Requirement Analysis and Specification Development Task
  • Database Architecture Development
  • User Interface Designing Activity
  • Front end Development and Integration
  • Back end Development and Integration
  • Creating Master Table and Performing CRUD Operations
  • Generating Reports
  • Searching and Filtering Records
  • Validating Forms using JS
  • Developing Authentication System with access levels
  • Login System with Session and Cookie
  • Encrypting Password
  • Showing Relationship between entities
  • Generating Auto-incremented value
  • Uploading Images

Scope after learning JSP training course

Java is the most popular programming language in the world. Billions of devices run on Java. Using JSP one can start building advanced and effective web application. Professionals who can make powerful web application are demanded everywhere. This has good scope all over the world. The professionals  have been found earning a good sum of money and job satisfaction after completion of the course. JSP has good scope in most countries of the world including Bangladesh.

Special Offer

  • One week JSP/SERVLET Course training free