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Python Web Application Development using Django Framework

To understand the training of Python web application development using Django Framework first you need to have a basic programming concept of Python. You should be familiar with the environment of Python along with its syntax. Once you have finished learning basic Python programming training then you can start with Web Application Development in Python.

Django framework is very popular worldwide.  Django framework is popularly known to develop web applications rapidly at high speed and ease. Existing python developers will get hands on experience in develping scalable, robust and commercial web applications using Django framework.  


The objective of this training is to give you enough base to start your career as a web application developer in Python platform. Along with that you will get to know about the most popular framework in Python called Django.

Who can join Python Web Application Development using Django Framework?

Candidates who already know python as a programming language can join this training. If you do not have enough understanding of Python then we suggest you to go through our basic Python Programming Training.


Module 1: Reg Expressions [10 hours]

  • Introduction
  • Character matching
  • Grouping strings
  • Substituting a String

Module 2: Before Web Programming [14 hours]

  • Database Access
  • Networking
  • Sending Email
  • Multithreading
  • Introduction to django review of basic  

Module 3: Web programming - Model [10 hours]

  • Models filed types and meta options
  • Query sets
  • Model instances, accessing related objects
  • Migrations
  • model managers  

Module 0: Web Programming - View [14 hours]

  • Basic view
  • Decorators for permissions
  • Class Based View  

Module 5: Template and Urls [10 hours]

  • Urls in django
  • Basic template language
  • Built-in Template tags and filters
  • Custom tags and filters  

Module 6: Forms [12 hours]

  • Forms basics
  • Model Form
  • Form widgets
  • Form validations

Module 0: User Management [16 hours]

  • User and user authentication
  • Working on Modules and module wise urls
  • Admin site Django

Module 8: Django and Rest API [20 hours]

  • Django Rest Framework
  • Working with serializers
  • Integration with angularjs  

Module 9: Testing and Debugging [14 hours]

  • Unit Testing in Django
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Debugging Techniques

After the successful completion of this training you can work as a Python Developer.

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