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SCALA Programming

Tired of searching for the right place to join Scala Programming training course in Dhaka? Don’t worry anymore because PDC is here. PDC is one of the top class computer institutes in Dhaka for Scala Programming training in Bangladesh.

Scala is a short term for “Scalable Language,” suggesting the growth of language whenever necessary. It is an object oriented language wherein each and every value is an object. It is a functional language with a type system that is static which supports advanced architectural components of classes and traits. Functional programming is on the rise today, and with its unique ability to grow and expand to accommodate the need of the user, Scala is becoming increasingly popular. As such, Scala is a complete functional language consisting of the core infrastructures in developing complex applications, also used by Tumblr, Twitter, Apache Spark etc. It has a very simple and understandable syntax with full functioning data structural library. Scala runs on Java Virtual Machine and is often regarded to possess the characteristics that are similar to Java; however, there are some differences in these two.

Over the years, PDC has been producing experts in respective sectors of IT through its dynamic trainings and teaching techniques. PDC has proved to stand out as the best institute in Bangladesh in providing quality training to the candidates, one of them being Scala Programming Course. At the end of the course, the students will build a concrete base on functional programming style which they will practically apply it on their everyday programming tasks. This training helps in achieving competence to create career opportunities in software development. Be a part of the first class Scala programming training institute, PDC , in Bangladesh.


At the end of the course, candidates should be able to understand the fundamentals of functional programming and its principle. One will be able to get the key concepts of language design and implementation, various programming languages and its uses along with pattern matching and framework of concurrency.

Who can join SCALA Programming?

It will be easier for the candidates if they have earlier experience with programming and acknowledgement with Java or C# will be of a great help.


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  • One week Scala Programming Course training free