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IT Careers

Counseling in IT

We are already familiar with the rapid growth of technology industry. With the growth and expansion in market, competition has increased rigorously. The rise of IT industry as a prominent leader in market has definitely paved way for various opportunities; however, the growth requires persistent quality among professionals working in that sector. As well, continuous development requires continuous creation of new knowledge and upgrading of existing knowledge. So, to be able to grasp the opportunities one should have proper aptitude, knowledge and career orientation.

Who we are:

At IT Training Bangladesh, we have been providing various job oriented training courses along with professional training programs on PHP, Web Design, ASP.Net, Java, CSS, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento.  But, we just don’t provide lectures only; we value our role as institution of educator and career counselor.

We provide career counseling and professional advice before you choose a particular career path in IT. We perform intensive counseling to determine aptitude, strength and weakness before enrolling students in professional training program. We take great pleasure in the fact that our counseling service has helped students and professionals to succeed in their professional endeavors.

Our counselors are professionals having years of experience in IT that are passionate about sharing their learning and professional experience.

Why career counseling is absolutely essential for aspiring students and professionals?

  • Students are often in dilemma in choosing a particular career and about the scope and benefits of choosing that particular career field.
  • Over the years, the limits in career paths of IT (Information Technology) are dissolving while its volume is rapidly increasing. Similarly, in the context of Bangladesh IT industry is in its booming phase with the highest ratio of job placements available every day. So, your choice about a particular career will make a significant impact in your life.

IT Training Bangladesh understands this scenario, therefore attempts to provide right guidance to students as well as professionals to help them prosper in their academic and professional careers. Although, our service-journey began within the context of Bangladesh, we constantly extend our services to people who are living abroad.

How we provide counseling service?

We develop systematic approach and methods for providing accurate and reliable information related to IT career. We conduct regular research, surveys and perform market analysis to determine the scope, market demands, benefits and career development tree.

IT Training Bangladesh recently performed a research in the current IT industry of Bangladesh and discovered the most demanded career paths in IT in following segments.

1.      IT career in Programming

2.      IT career in Non-Programming

3.      Networking career

Career for Programmers:

Programming or developing a software/system/application is the highest demanded career in Information Technology.  For students from IT background, we found following fields to be suitable for taking career path.

1.      Developer/ programmer:

Career in software programming and development is the most demanded in IT. Software companies build software in large scale and hire programmers for writing codes, developing application, updating the version of the software or application. The growing use of smart phones and tablets has also resulted increased career opportunities in mobile application development.

2.      User Interface Designer/ Developer:

This is also an excellent career path for students who do not wish to get into the complexities of programming, however engross in the designing the user interface of projects.

3.    Project Manager:

A project manager is a person who has timelines, release dates and considerable interaction between people responsible for various component of a single project. With the growth in IT industry in Bangladesh and globally, Project Managers are highly in demand in the market.

IT Career For Non-Programmers

Various software companies are constantly looking for qualified people who can handle software quality assurance, web designing, SEO, technical writing, and project management jobs. Therefore, individuals having appropriate skills from non-programming background can make careers in such IT related fields.

Career for Networking

Jobs like hardware engineer, network technicians and network administrator are constantly demanded in large organizations. There are several ISPs, media houses, software and web development companies that constantly need qualified individuals for such jobs.


Based on the data received from research and surveys that we conduct periodically, we are able to suggest students appropriate career paths.