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We have created this download archive for students as well as for others to download various software, eBooks, code, and other educational materials for learning purpose. The download section also contains Joomla extensions like Joomla modules, components developed by students and instructors during the training period. This archive, we believe, will make it easier for students to download necessary software for educational purposes. Student can also find the source code to create software features as required. The archive also contains best programming eBooks that can be referenced for better understanding. Users can download materials in this section for personal or commercial use. Downloadable materials include software modules, codes, APIs and many more.

We are planning to make this section a place for comprehensive download where students can download all the useful materials. Normally the applications for download are for free but we have another section where only registered members have privilege to visit and download as well as refer and study various materials. Assignments, PowerPoint Presentation of module summary, overview and programs developed by other students can be downloaded in that section.

If you have any informative and knowledgeable things to share, please feel free to upload your files. Suggestions and queries regarding the current materials are equally appreciated. If you have any innovative ideas about the enhancement in the current materials, we will try to implement them in the future. Also, if you are interested in the development of the materials and software present in this section, you can come and join our team.