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Fast Track Courses

fast track computer courses at IT Training Bangladesh

Fast track training programs are designed to give students a competitive edge. The idea behind offering fast track courses is that students can save course fees and time duration, while getting shortly prepared for entering employment. The syllabuses offered under fast track courses are just as same as normal courses. However, the daily training hours are longer than usual.

Benefit of fast track courses

Srijan Shah, director at IT Training Bangladesh, says, “In our effort to give students quality education at the most convenient price, we offer different options for students to consider. We work closely time and again with the industry people to develop short term courses that will provide necessary skills to IT graduates to fulfill the job requirements of software companies”.

After starting the fast track program, ITN believed that it would fulfill the requirement of college students who cannot complete their training because of end semester exam and mid-term college exams. 

Shah agrees, emphasizing that “Students have difficult time going through 3 months courses as most of the time students have to leave the courses incomplete. Moreover, some students cannot practice things taught at training and they need to rejoin the courses. This makes training period very lengthy”. 

Who can join fast track courses?

Students who have good fair degree of programming concepts and acute logical skills can benefit most out of this program. If you feel that the normal course fees are high for yourself and you have good logical skills then you should consider fast track programming courses. 

However, students who have very little or no programming background should not consider fast track courses. In most of the cases, beginners take time developing logics.  

How is our fast track program effective?

We conduct these types of program through professionals who can provide direct insights into ideas behind software development concepts rather than dealing in-depth into programming fundamentals. Fast Track programs helps students to get professional training in very short time. Software professionals working in one platform wishing to join other platforms may join these sort of trainings. They can learn new programming in very less time. Most impotantly, we have launched these training in very low price.

Hostel Facility 

We also provide residential facility to students from outside Kathmandu Valley to join our fast track programs. Students can stay at our hostel where they get all kinds of facilities like internet, fooding, etc.

Courses offered in Fast Track Program

We are offering the following courses under fast track training programs in regular intervals. 
  • Fast Track PHP Courses
  • Fast Track Java Courses
  • Fast Track Android Courses
  • Fast Track SPSS Courses
  • Fast Track Web Designing Courses
  • Fast Track SEO Courses

However, if you have some customized requirement for fast track training you may contact our institute to know about it. You can call at 4240005 or 4240390 directly or email us your requirements.

How do i enroll in fast track training courses?

If you are confused whether these programs are suitable or not for you, then ITN provides a screening test before enrolling in fast track training programs. In the screening, programming skills and logical tests are conducted to understand if candidates can catch up with the teaching pace or not. Therefore, we suggest students to make enrollment only after consulting with the academic counselor at ITN.